(((Wall Banger)))

Bang the wall! That’s what every art show I do hopes for, but until now it hasn’t happened. Thanks to my wild-animal-blood-brother and business-maker-friend Bwana Spoons a for reals Wall Banger of a show finally happened!

Bwana designed a new skateboard shape with his fake company Bearturds. After lots of sidewalk surfing I can honestly say this new shape is more fun than a Zip-Zinger! It’s not just the shape that’s a banger it’s that Bwana had 13 of his skate buddies do different designs for the first release of this deck. Crazy skate art heroes like Chris Johanson, Micheal Sieben, Manny Aloha, David Wien, Brent Wick, and more all did designs.{SEE!}

Mine turned out pretty good. Even though I wanted it to be teal on raw wood the orange and black Bwana rolled with is awesome because I would have never come up with that combo (Saint Collabo, I believe in you you).

Anyhoo, if you love to shred you should get one of these deeply concaved coffin-shaped decks, some of the money you spend will go to building a new skate park here in Portland.

Check out these quick paintings I made for the show. Let me know if you have a good home for any of them, eh?

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