Travel Oregon’s 7 Wonders Campaign

Travel Oregon’s 7 Wonders Campaign

It all started with 1968 VW bus named Super Mom. It was my first car. It had been in the family since it was built and was named after my Aunty Shirly who truly is a Super Mom. My dad was a real deal profession VW mechanic, so this bus ran like a champ. Mostly because he had me agree to three rules; never drive it over 55mph, change the oil every other month, and always full it up with the expensive gas.

So, there I am about 20 years later heading west towards Astoria from Portland. I’m a dad now. My son Camper and I are starting out on an epic adventure together in a VW bus we borrowed from our very kind neighbor.

We’re going to help make an ad campaign with the sweetest and most talented crew of people who totally turned this ad campaign into an adventure we will always remember.

Over the next three days Camper and I would hike, surf, skate, play in the sand, putt-putt some golf balls, wear all sorts of fancy outdoor clothing (Hello NAU, Poler, and Danner), while the camera crew followed us around as we explored our favorite place in the world the Oregon Coast.

You know they say it’s not an adventure until something goes wrong and you have to figure it out. Something did go wrong, on the last day the VW bus broke. It almost messed up the whole project, but the awesome crew swooped in to save the day and all was well. As Camper and I were waiting at the mechanics shop while they fixed the bus we wondered around the back lot looking for treasures like old spark plugs and colorful burnt out fuses. It reminded me that I used to do the same thing growing up at my dad’s shop. While he worked I would wonder around.

This adventure showed me that I can work and wonder around with Camper at my side. I feel like a Super Dad now, but all started with a VW Bus named Super Mom.

So enjoy this ad campaign. I did all the illustrations at my studio with Camper at my side too!

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