Surfing Superheroes

I made six paintings (see them all after the jump) of super heroes surfing while living on Maui. My little boy was stoked. He didn’t say it out loud, but when he saw what I was painting he was all “Finally, you paint something I like.”

This group of paintings were commissioned by Brian Deputy (he surfs) VP of Creative and Image Marketing at Warner Bros. Actually I think he commissioned Bwana Spoons who wrangled a bunch of friends together to do it with him. The whole collection of paintings went on a traveling show called Darkness & Light to places like San Diego Comic Con.

Junk Food Clothing turned some of these paintings into shirts too. I think they were just SDCC exclusives though :( it’s too bad because these two that Brian sent me are truly the nicest shirts I’ve ever had my art on.

It was all a part of a much greater project called We Can Be Heroes, which helps the hunger crisis in Africa.

Bwana and Brian have wrangled artists like me to do shows like this before for other things the great big WB owns like Looney Toons and Hanna Barbara (continue reading to see those paintings). With each one of these projects I always think “Well, this will never happen again”, but it keeps happening!!!! Next we’re doing Tom and Jerry. Good thing my son is stoked on that cat and mouse.

I still can’t believe the WB wanted me to paint these. (Hee-Hee! Haw-Haw!)

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