Stay Wild at Sitka

Come on over to Vancouver Island for the opening party March 1, 7:30-10pm.

Sitka 570 Yates St. Victoria, BC

Show runs through March 31

Pacific Northwest Surf Culture is Wild!
Free from the establishment of mainstream surf culture due to our basic natural differences. Our forests, rains, critters, foods, and cultures just don’t fit in with the tanning bikini babes and buffs of Californian and Hawaiian origins. We smell of campfire, wet wool, and smoked salmon. We are the roughed, the salty, the hairy, the ugly and beautiful human wilderness that has evolved to thrive within our moss-covered habitat.
Let’s preserve this wild before it is lost to popular industries that tame and harness wild energy until it’s gone. This new artwork reflects our preservation efforts with water colours, coffee stained paper, rusty toys, thrift store treasures, driftwood, fiberglass, resin, taxidermied fish, bronze belt buckles, and empty cans of wild salmon.”

I was born in Comox on Vancouver Island, just north of Victoria. I took my first steps in a log cabin built by my parents on the island. I always dreamed of what life would have been like if I had stayed.
We didn’t stay though, we move to Medford, Oregon. Then to Burbank, California. Then to Carson City, Nevada. Then back to Southern California living in places from San Diego to Pasadena. After high school I moved to the Northern California redwoods. I met my wife in that forest. After a couple years we moved to Portland, Oregon. We gave birth to our son in an old victorian Portland home. Work gave me the opportunity to move to Maui, Hawaii. Work also brought me back to Portland a year later. Through all this moving I’ve always considered myself Canadian. So this show at Sitka is bringing me back home.

You might be able to score one of the new shirts I painted for Sitka’s Spring line.

See some more work that will be at the show after the jump.

I’m also going to hang up some photos I made. Including an awesome collaboration with Pender Island artist Luke Ramsey.

Oh, and I made these awesome Stay Wild belts. The bronze buckle was cast at Studio Acorn and the leather with the wave patter was done by Hunter Pass. Who wants a new belt? Hit me up

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