(((Little Books for Big Ideas)))

In early May I was asked by the fine folks at Pinball Publishing to art direct some employee portraits. So I came up with a crazy papercraft special effects photo shoot that made the employee portraits tell a little story. The story about the simple Scout Books, or the “Little Books for Big Ideas”. These pocket books are great, I always have one on me and it’s basically saved my life on occasion.
I assembled a team with Jessie Bazata as the papercraft expert and Alin Dragulin as the photographer/videographer. With the team of volunteers (see list below) we made this totally unnecessary, but radical photoshoot happen.

We had a blast making this and now Pinball has their employee portraits to do whatever they want with.

Here you go world, enjoy!

Scout Books: Papercraft Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes from Scout Books on Vimeo.

Papercraft Crew:
Jessie Bazata, Whitney Phu, Rory Phillips, Sean Garrison, Justin “Scrappers” Morrison, Francois Vigneault

Photo Shoot Crew:
Alin Dragulin, Justin “Scrappers” Morrison, Julian Gese, Priscilla Phitsanoukane, Andrea Raijer, Amy Morrison, Camper Morrison

Laura Whipple, Nicole Lavelle, Francois Vigneault, Dave Authier

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