San Diego Comic Con

After taking a couple years off I’m going back to Comic Con. Like usual I’m bringing a bunch of new art goodies to the Grass Hut + Gargamel booth (#4739 for those going). Expect to be blown away by what my booth-mates bring! If you squint really hard to block out their awesomeness you’ll find some new stuff from me along with some radness I made in the last year.

I’m most excited about introducing Hobart (or Hobie for short). He’s based on a Hobie surf monster t-shirt I had as a kid (my son wears it now). I designed the toy and sent it to Naoya of Gargamel to sculpt and cast. It’s a collaboration we have been taking about for a couple years, but none of my designs clicked till this one. In all honestly I have never held a resin cast figure that is this professionally made and full of joy. Naoya is a master! For this first release of 10 Hobarts, I kept the hand-painted color way simple so you could see how awesome the sculpt is. Gawd…I’m so stoked on these!!!

If you like Owl’s Surf Club, you’re in luck cause I’ll have prints, t-shirts, custom painted toys (sculpted by Joseph Harmon), and of course the book that started it all.

Guess what else I’m bringing? Captain America. Yeah, for reals! My son’s only three, but he reads like 5 comic books a day (the pictures, not the words), so I thought bringing him would pretty much blow his mind. I made his costume, that’s why it’s kind of wonky and awesome.

See you there!

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