(((Little Books for Big Ideas)))

In early May I was asked by the fine folks at Pinball Publishing to art direct some employee portraits. So I came up with a crazy papercraft special effects photo shoot that made the employee portraits tell a little story. The story about the simple Scout Books, or the “Little Books for Big Ideas”. These pocket books are great, I always have one on me and it’s basically saved my life on occasion.
I assembled a team with Jessie Bazata as the papercraft expert and Alin Dragulin as the photographer/videographer. With the team of volunteers (see list below) we made this totally unnecessary, but radical photoshoot happen.

We had a blast making this and now Pinball has their employee portraits to do whatever they want with.

Here you go world, enjoy!

Scout Books: Papercraft Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes from Scout Books on Vimeo.

Papercraft Crew:
Jessie Bazata, Whitney Phu, Rory Phillips, Sean Garrison, Justin “Scrappers” Morrison, Francois Vigneault

Photo Shoot Crew:
Alin Dragulin, Justin “Scrappers” Morrison, Julian Gese, Priscilla Phitsanoukane, Andrea Raijer, Amy Morrison, Camper Morrison

Laura Whipple, Nicole Lavelle, Francois Vigneault, Dave Authier


So I made a design a while back in response to the black wave that hit Japan. I made prints to sell, and organized an art show will all my art buddies to raise money for Surfrider Japan. It worked and I was glad to help in the little way that I could. A couple months later Hurley had the same idea and I was honored to be in on the project.

Score a shirt HERE>>>

Read what the LA Times had to say about it HERE >>>

((( Surfing Magazine Illo )))

Fish, Fish, Got My Wish!

I got the rare opportunity to do some work for Surfing Magazine and their cool art director Chato.

The original painting “Old School New School” is for sale! $200 (shipping and handling included), gouache and cell-vinyl paint on paper, 8.5X11 (you can find that sized frame at any thrift shop:)

((( AWESOME: in review )))

What is Awesome? Skinner, Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros and me “Scrappers” all locked in a 30′ tall by 260′ around gallery space called )( Space for 14-17 hours a day for seven solid days. Armed with over 100 gallons of paint and Hurley’s credit card we pushed each other to do the biggest and bestest work of our lives. For once we didn’t have any of the typical obstacles (not enough money, not enough time, not enough fun…) to get in the way of doing what we love.

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((( AWESOME )))

On June 3rd, Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros, Skinner, and Me are flying down to Costa Mesa to make an art show for Hurley at their )( space gallery. It’s going to be so awesome that we’re just calling the show “AWESOME”. I’m treating this like a personal challenge to go to a new place with only some ideas and some paint brushes to make the best artwork I’ve ever made. Being in a show with my best art buddies is a true honor and totally inspiring. I’m looking forward to the collaborations (oops, did I splatter on your painting again), good time (fart jokes), and skating the volcano they made for us (don’t worry I have health insurance).

So stay tuned on the Twitter, the Facebook, and the Flickr for updates about how this AWESOME show is shaping up.

Also, if you can come to the show, you better bring a change of pants because you’ll probably shit the ones you wore.

Opens June 11, 6-9pm (through July 15), Hurley’s )(Space 1945 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa

OWL: Oregon Wave Logger

I have a new show up at Together Gallery. It’s been really fun to make and Timothy Karpinkski who set the show up for me is amazing.

Here are some words about the show:
The image we all have in our heads of bikinied beach bunnies frolicking in sugary white sand while watching bronzed skinned handsome men shred clean glassy waves of perfection is not surfing in Oregon. Some people don’t even believe you can surf in Oregon, but you can do it, a lot of people do it. These Oregonian surfers are a brave rugged bunch who feel most alive in the challenging elements of the Pacific Northwest. With his first solo show in years, Scrappers will attempt to explain his experiences as an Oregonian surfer using photos, paintings, found objects, and art he’s collected from fellow artists in a show titled OWL: Oregon Wave Logger.
Artwork available online at: Together Gallery >>>

Carlie Armstrong shot me in my home studio as part of her project documenting creative Portlanders in the places they work in. I think she does a darn good job capturing the vibe of the people and the habitats they create in. See what I mean?

((( Black Wave Red Sun )))

Black Wave Red Sun is a benefit art show to help Surfrider Japan do what they can to deal with the environmental destruction caused by the tsunami.

Watch this video of the black wave and you’ll understand the power and destruction that inspired this art show.

Featuring artwork by Bwana Spoons, Scrappers, Manny Pangilinan, Maddie Joyce, Ed Fladung, Jeremy Fish, Corey Arnold, Luke Ramsey, and many more…

The artists involved are donating 100% of the funds raised from sales to Surfrider Japan. Grass Hut is only charging shipping fees for sold artwork.

Artwork will be available through Grass Hut Art Market’s website this Friday, March 18th.

I will have 12 signed and numbered prints like the one below (each with individually painted red suns) available along with some photographs and other pieces of art. 100% of the money spent on the art will go to Surfrider Japan.

To learn about how this show came about keep reading…

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((( Removable Cover )))

A while back I got the total freaking honor to work with the kind folks at OBEY.

By “work” I mean they let me use some of Sharpard Fairey’s art on a cover, but not just any cover. A REMOVABLE COVER!!! A cover that had a dotted line and instructions encouraging readers to cut it out and paste it around town. It was pretty awesome and it worked!

Here’s what some regular commenters at Blogtown thought about it >>>

((( I Talk Too Much )))

Thomas James (my new favorite illustrator) interviewed me on Escape from Illustration Island Podcast.
It was cool, I mostly mumble about myself too much, but somehow manage to see beyond my nose long enough to talk about art direction work, illustration work, and what it’s like to work with a creative team.
If you have over 45 minutes to kill and a tolerance for my retarded voice…have a listen here >>>