Stay Wild at Sitka

Come on over to Vancouver Island for the opening party March 1, 7:30-10pm.

Sitka 570 Yates St. Victoria, BC

Show runs through March 31

Pacific Northwest Surf Culture is Wild!
Free from the establishment of mainstream surf culture due to our basic natural differences. Our forests, rains, critters, foods, and cultures just don’t fit in with the tanning bikini babes and buffs of Californian and Hawaiian origins. We smell of campfire, wet wool, and smoked salmon. We are the roughed, the salty, the hairy, the ugly and beautiful human wilderness that has evolved to thrive within our moss-covered habitat.
Let’s preserve this wild before it is lost to popular industries that tame and harness wild energy until it’s gone. This new artwork reflects our preservation efforts with water colours, coffee stained paper, rusty toys, thrift store treasures, driftwood, fiberglass, resin, taxidermied fish, bronze belt buckles, and empty cans of wild salmon.”

I was born in Comox on Vancouver Island, just north of Victoria. I took my first steps in a log cabin built by my parents on the island. I always dreamed of what life would have been like if I had stayed.
We didn’t stay though, we move to Medford, Oregon. Then to Burbank, California. Then to Carson City, Nevada. Then back to Southern California living in places from San Diego to Pasadena. After high school I moved to the Northern California redwoods. I met my wife in that forest. After a couple years we moved to Portland, Oregon. We gave birth to our son in an old victorian Portland home. Work gave me the opportunity to move to Maui, Hawaii. Work also brought me back to Portland a year later. Through all this moving I’ve always considered myself Canadian. So this show at Sitka is bringing me back home.

You might be able to score one of the new shirts I painted for Sitka’s Spring line.

See some more work that will be at the show after the jump.

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It’s January, there’s a gnar-gnar flu going around, the ground is frozen, the sun has gone down, it’s getting even colder, it’s even darker, I just saw a sea lion chasing salmon in the river over there, murky mud has swallowed my legs up to my knees, and I can’t get this friggin sign to light on fire!

This is how I art direct. It’s my job.

So when I found out the newspaper I work for need to sell tickets to an event they made up called Malt Ball I got to work and teamed up with the wonderful Alin Dragulin to make this promo video.

Malt Ball 2013 from Alin Dragulin Photography on Vimeo.

We even got a killer cover out of the video.

I’m not great with math but Newspaper + Video + Beer + Music + Fire = All The Tickets Got Sold

Surfing Superheroes

I made six paintings (see them all after the jump) of super heroes surfing while living on Maui. My little boy was stoked. He didn’t say it out loud, but when he saw what I was painting he was all “Finally, you paint something I like.”

This group of paintings were commissioned by Brian Deputy (he surfs) VP of Creative and Image Marketing at Warner Bros. Actually I think he commissioned Bwana Spoons who wrangled a bunch of friends together to do it with him. The whole collection of paintings went on a traveling show called Darkness & Light to places like San Diego Comic Con.

Junk Food Clothing turned some of these paintings into shirts too. I think they were just SDCC exclusives though :( it’s too bad because these two that Brian sent me are truly the nicest shirts I’ve ever had my art on.

It was all a part of a much greater project called We Can Be Heroes, which helps the hunger crisis in Africa.

Bwana and Brian have wrangled artists like me to do shows like this before for other things the great big WB owns like Looney Toons and Hanna Barbara (continue reading to see those paintings). With each one of these projects I always think “Well, this will never happen again”, but it keeps happening!!!! Next we’re doing Tom and Jerry. Good thing my son is stoked on that cat and mouse.

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((( Junktown: Reunion )))

HungryEyeball presents JunkTown at GrassHut

I’m in this group show with my friends and it reminded me of how this
whole art-making business started for me. Continue reading if your
interested. Or just go here to check the art out.

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Locals Only

I made my son Camper a little book for the New Year. He likes it!

The next draft of this book will be available for other people to read, so stay tuned.

Feel free to read Camper’s draft after the jump

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2 T-shirts and 2 Posters from last summer…

First Pink Martini needed some posters for their summer Zoo concerts series. My buddy Perry did a rad job printing them.

Then Factory North had a benefit poster show that was based on the war chant of the Portland Timbers soccer team. I’ve been nailing the extra posters up around camp grounds for giggles.

Then the board I brought back from Maui needed some more professional love then I could provide. So my buddy Mike from Blackfern Surfboards traded me a t-shirt design for some serious ding repair.

Cranked this doodle out in 10 minutes which is probably how you should design a t-shirt for an amateur porn film fest.

Tourist Come Home

Did a bunch of illustrations for both Travel Oregon and the Portlandia travel guide.

Hippies and hipsters will never be lost again.

It Comes in Waves

This past August the lobby of the Wieden+Kennedy building was filled up with art by local Oregon Surfers. I was lucky to be a part of the show. We built a driftwood fort, made collaborative boards with local shaper Dan Murdey (I painted a fish on a fish he shaped just for me!), and found homes for more art in this show then any other show I’ve ever done. Plus, I did a small run of posters (see above) to benefit Warm Current; a local nonprofit that helps kids get into the northwest’s cold waves.

From Maui back to Portland

Our time living on the island of Maui was too short, but we made the most of it. Living in Happy Valley our neighbors and friends taught us the true spirit of Aloha. My time working for the newspaper renewed my love for work and reinforced the idea that a company is only as good as the people who run it. My son got his first freckles on Maui and with a lot of other things they will be with him for the rest of his life. We love Maui, but our home in Portland Oregon needed us back.

Peep this rad video made by the kind folks at The Avant/Garde Diaries before we moved away.

Rolling Thunder

This was kind of a last second show, but I cranked out 3 new paintings for a Bwana Spoons and friends show at Cotton Candy Machine in NY. Go take a look I’m sure it’ll brighten your day.