((( OWL’s SURF CLUB )))

My son Camper asked for an owl for Christmas, so I decided to make him a book about an owl.

I’ve had this story about a surfing owl bouncing around in my head anyways, so thought this might be a good chance to make a rough draft just for Camper.

I plan on making a second draft of this book, so if you continue reading this draft keep in mind it’s rough.

If the words are too small, just click on the picture. I hope you enjoy half as much as Camper does..

2 Responses to “((( OWL’s SURF CLUB )))”

  1. 1 Manny Pangilinan

    Amazing brotha! Inspirational.

  2. 2 Nana Wright

    There you go making me really proud. Nice job Dood! I understand why Baby Boy Camper loves it.

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