((( mauitime cover story )))

A couple months ago I won this 1st place award for cover design from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. The award really should have gone to the other art director who won 2nd place Chris Skiles, at the Mauitime he’s a way better designer then me. Chris and I started talking and sending each other the weekly papers we make.

He was getting married around the time I was going on vacation to Maui, so he asked if I wanted to fill in for him and do a cover while I was there. YES!!! I really wanted to see how their office worked anyways. And now I know it works great because of the people who work there, I swear every one of those people do the jobs of three normal employees.

The cover story was about the top ten unreported news stories of 2010 put out by Project Censored. So my challenge was to take these global stories and make them relevant to the island of Maui. The idea I came up with was that these pieces of news washed up on the beach.

After publisher Tommy Russo (who totally rules!) took me to his house (he has pet chickens and ducks in his yard!!) and let me dig around his scrap wood pile (one block from the beach!!!) I cut out shapes, or icons, that symbolized what each of those top ten stories where about. After painting them, I teamed up with local photographer Naomi Sheikin to do a quick shoot on the beach. Working on the beach like that is something I could get used to for sure. The sand there was like Grape Nuts cereal.

It was so much fun to travel to tropical paradise and sit on someone else’s workbench for a change, but after the paper went to print I was glad to be on vacation and get some surfing done on some luxury waves.

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