It’s January, there’s a gnar-gnar flu going around, the ground is frozen, the sun has gone down, it’s getting even colder, it’s even darker, I just saw a sea lion chasing salmon in the river over there, murky mud has swallowed my legs up to my knees, and I can’t get this friggin sign to light on fire!

This is how I art direct. It’s my job.

So when I found out the newspaper I work for need to sell tickets to an event they made up called Malt Ball I got to work and teamed up with the wonderful Alin Dragulin to make this promo video.

Malt Ball 2013 from Alin Dragulin Photography on Vimeo.

We even got a killer cover out of the video.

I’m not great with math but Newspaper + Video + Beer + Music + Fire = All The Tickets Got Sold

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