((( Black Wave Red Sun )))

Black Wave Red Sun is a benefit art show to help Surfrider Japan do what they can to deal with the environmental destruction caused by the tsunami.

Watch this video of the black wave and you’ll understand the power and destruction that inspired this art show.

Featuring artwork by Bwana Spoons, Scrappers, Manny Pangilinan, Maddie Joyce, Ed Fladung, Jeremy Fish, Corey Arnold, Luke Ramsey, and many more…

The artists involved are donating 100% of the funds raised from sales to Surfrider Japan. Grass Hut is only charging shipping fees for sold artwork.

Artwork will be available through Grass Hut Art Market’s website this Friday, March 18th.

I will have 12 signed and numbered prints like the one below (each with individually painted red suns) available along with some photographs and other pieces of art. 100% of the money spent on the art will go to Surfrider Japan.

To learn about how this show came about keep reading…

How this show came about:

Friday: I work at a weekly newspaper in Portland Oregon called The Portland Mercury. Part of my job is to design covers every week. The day the tsunami hit the coast of Northeaster Japan I was teaching a class at Wieden+Kennedy 12 about making covers. We were making fake covers about different fun issues like the Burrito Issue¬† (which isn’t too far off from a typical issue of the Mercury). While talking and thinking out loud with the students I realized that next weeks cover should say something about the anguish Japan is facing. So we got to work making a cover.

Saturday: I woke up and got to work painting a black wave engulfing a red sun. I couldn’t stop watching the aerial footage of the tsunami taking over the land. The more I watched the more I could see people down there trying to drive away from the black wave tugging burning house and a whole city along with it. I started thinking about what the coast would look like after the water slipped back to sea. That’s when words started to fail me and all I could do was make art to express how I felt.
I wanted to help, but I live in Oregon and don’t have much money. I did however have some used screen printing equipment, so I thought I would make a quick and dirty print set to help raise some money for Surfrider Japan.

Sunday: I realized that I wasn’t the only artist who had been hit with this sense of urgency to do what I could to help, so I started organizing an art show called Black Wave Red Sun.

Monday: Back a work, I repainted the cover about twenty times at my desk using sumi ink and water until I got it just right. the Editor-in-Chief (Steve Humphrey) came over to discover the mess I made at my desk (ink was all over, even on the keyboard and the computer screen), but he didn’t care he wanted to get this cover right. He asked me to make the red sun bigger, and then smaller, and then just the right size, careful to not be disrespectful.

Tuesday (today): Every artist I invited to be in the benefit art show said yes. One of the artists I invited, Ty Williams, wrote back saying “this disaster in Japan hits me very personally as I lived not far from the impact zone a year ago.”

Stay tuned, you’ll be able to help our friends of the sea very soon. The show should be up shortly. Until then please make a donation to Surfrider directly.

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