(((Babe Bunyan)))

For a couple years now I’ve been painting this mythological beast on empty beer boxes, salvaged wood and anything else I can wipe a brush on. Character-art has always been something I hate because it’s not typically used to express anything human, it’s typically used to sell stuff (cartoons, video games, t-shirts, toys and art). So, to get over this grudge I decided to use the media to sell something that’s at the core of who I am as an artist; the Pacific Northwest.

Loggers are what I usually use to speak about the unique cultural identity of the northwest. By creating a new folk hero (Babe Bunyan) out of two (Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox) I hoped it would remind folks that local mythology keeps you tied to the land, connected to something real through something make-believe.

So from the Northwest comes Babe Bunyan. He bring one solid message Stay Wild.

The toy was sculpted and cast in hard plastic by a local Portland-based toy-maker ARNE.

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