Another Trashy Cover

Every cover is an opportunity. I took this opportunity to do a little beach clean up at Maui’s Kahului Harbor with my family for an hour before coming into the office. In that hour we filled three bags of trash. We only made it about 25 yards down the beach, so there’s still a lot of ongoing work that needs to happen. Hopefully this cover will inspire more people to pitch in. Oh, and I just shot it with my phone’s camera (very unprofessional)!

Out of all the covers I’ve done in the last 3 years (see my favorites here) this one is my #1 favorite. It brought my family together to do something good, it was good for the environment, it inspired action, it communicated the lead story in a snap, and it’s just so freaking beautiful to look at. This is also the last cover I’ll do before leaving my job at Mauitime and moving back to Portland to seek new adventures.

Anhoo, I just want to thank Maui for teaching us so much and letting us have so much fun while we lived here. ALOHA!


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